Smart Assignments Help - Home Page

(NOTE that some links/functions listed below may not be available depending on your rights as registered/unregistered/power/admin user)

Smart Assignments (SmartAss) is a system that generates sets of questions and corresponding fully-worked solutions that cover a range of mathematical concepts.

Questions include significant random variation, not just in numerical constants but also in their algebraic content.

This can be used to create an unlimited set of extra practice questions for students and teachers, and can also be used to create personalised assessment items. Such sets of questions are called Assignments.

The links on the SmartAss home page include:

repository - to view, update or download existing questions' templates, questions' categories, java-modules, auxiliary files and backups

user settings - to view or update your user settings

log in/log out (for registered users only) - to log into/out the SmartAss website

register - new user registration. Registered users are able to save their work (i.e. assignments, templates, etc.) on this website. For instance, if you have compiled a template for a set of questions (assignment), as a registered user you will be able to save this template on SmartAss website, and reuse it in your next online session

recent assignments - the list of the latest assignments

browse assignments - to browse all assignments created and saved on the website. You can search for an assignment by certain criteria

users - list of existing registered users

my assignments - list of your assignments (if you have created any)

create new - to compile a new assignment using existing templates and to generate tex and pdf-files with questions, solutions and short answers

contacts - contact details for the SmartAss web administrator