Smart Assignments Help - Repository

(NOTE that some links/functions listed below may not be available depending on your rights as registered/unregistered/power/admin user)

Repository contains the lists of authors, questions categories, modules, files, questions? templates (grouped into the categories), and also the latest backups for all the above.

The links on the repository page include:

authors - to view or update the list of all available authors and their details

categories - to view or update the list of questions' categories

modules - to view or update the list of java-modules, associated with question templates

files - to view, update or download the list of auxiliary files, associated with the templates

templates - to view, update or download the list of question templates. The repository web-page displays a list of all available templates with their brief descriptions in chronological order (by Uploaded date) while the list of categories is shown on the left of the web-page in alphabetical order.

Some of the lists (for example, a list of all question templates) may be quite long. In this case the web-page will display only few records on a single screen, and you can then move to another screen by selecting a page number at the bottom.

You can search for a template by its name or a keyword.

If you select a particular category at the left, the web-page will display the templates in this category only.

Click on the template's name to display its details and question samples, or to download the tex-code and associated files.

To add a new template, category, module, or file, click on the link new on the corresponding page. Note that any template must belong to one of the categories, so you must choose a category before adding a template.

backups - to view or download the latest backups of all the information in the Repository.